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Founded in 2016 by Anthony & Chris. As keen sportsmen they wanted to create a healthy wholefood bar that may be eaten on the go which does not contain any sugar or preservatives, but still tastes delicious. Having travelled in South Asia and seen the destruction of Malaysia’s rainforests first-hand Anthony was driven to create a bar that does not contain palm oil. N’eat is a business partner of the Orangutan Appeal which supports wildlife ecosystems currently devastated by de-forestation for the mass production of palm oil. They have also adopted an Orangutan (called Beryl). All N’eat Bar ingredients are sourced from ethical and sustainable farms. Unlike most other natural energy bars, N’eat Bars are made without using nuts. N’eat Bars contain no added sugar, no palm oil, no wheat and no dairy and are approved by the Vegan Society. Whether it’s before, during or after exercise, or simply as a tasty snack, we hope you enjoy N’eat Bars.  


Our N'eat Bars will never contain palm oil. This is because we do not want any part in the devastation of the word's rain forests caused by the production of palm oil. Instead we use coconut oil which is healthier, tastier and much better for you and your planet. Good for you, good for orangutans. 


We place our emphasis on the quality of ingredients 

and shy away from inflating with unnecessary packaging.

We try to recycle our boxes as much as possible. After all,

we believe our customers are more interested in the quality of the contents rather than the box.

These are my go to bars, tasty, filling and no added sugar- perfect. There is always one in my bag/ car!

Sarah Daniels

I found it so hard to find a nut free healthy snack bar. I love these bars packed with goodness, fiber, protein and sugar free. Love the range and even my kids and husband love them too.

Dawn Goodall

Absolutely addicted to these things! A really tasty and natural snack.



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